May There Always Be Music to Light Your Life

Pam, Ed and Lauren –

I toiled for a spell
I toiled in a digitized hell
The time that passed, I cannot tell

I wanted something for you
Something time-tested too
Something  joyous through and through

A gift from the future & past
A gift that will forever last
For this life moves much too fast

Music was my salvation
It provides no reservation
It provides elation

Your beach home—it’s about time!
Your beach home—it’s sublime!
I believe I’ll have a Corona & lime

Waves are akin to harmony
The beach sunsets are ceremony
The beach air is testimony

Play this music forever
At sunset or whenever
Nothing but salty air whatsoever

May the joy abound
May the serenity ground
May the music astound

© 2014 – ∞ B. Charles Donley