Goodreads: Chronicles: Volume One



“The madly complicated modern world was something I took little interest in. What was swinging, topical and up to date for me was stuff like the Titanic sinking, the Galveston flood, John Henry driving steel, John Hardy shooting a man on the West Virginia line. All this was current, played out and in the open. This was the news that I considered, followed and kept tabs on.”
—Bob Dylan


Sounds like a good coping mechanism to ameliorate the angst inflicted by the punishing & relentless 24-hour/day MSM news cycle—top-heavy with divisive anecdotes, inflammatory rhetoric, and incendiary talking heads, who’d gladly sell their souls to afflict & inflict yours with hatred.

My mandatory appreciation for Dylan—we were both spawned from the same patch of frozen flyover country where parochial provincialism is true religion—has only intensified after reading the first burst of his memoir. His book reads like a Tom Waits song: astute, dingy, frank.

Plus, there’s this: List of awards and nominations received by Bob Dylan — it’s really fucking hard to argue results…!

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